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ritiko is cloud-based home-care administration and automation software.

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Easy Scheduling

Scheduling is just a simple drag-and-drop away! Easily schedule repeating tasks on a weekly, monthly or even yearly basis.

Bring Your Own Forms

We'll integrate your own forms onto Ritiko and generate filled out ones in PDF format for printing. Yeah, even that custom form you have!


We're built with security in mind so you can be HIPAA compliant. We encrypt all files uploaded to our system. We also encrypt all traffic to and from our systems so you don't have to spend money on a VPN.

Broadcast Announcements

Broadcast notifications to all staff members or a pre-selected group and they'll receive a text message on their phone! Want to send one later, no problem.

Web-based and on the cloud

Work from wherever you are, whenever. Use any modern browser to access Ritiko from the office, at home or even from the patient's bedside.

Daily Backups

We backup daily to make sure we can recover if anything happens.

Free Eligibility Checks

That's right! Includes free eligibility inquiries.

Easy to Use

We're using modern User Experience paradigms to ensure that Ritiko is really really easy to use especially for common tasks.

Need a feature?

Talk to us. Chances are we already support it.

Join the wait list

We're experiencing a larger-than-expected number of new providers using our platform. In order to ensure that the quality of our demos and onboarding is not affected, we ask you to join our waiting list as we work on scaling our capacity. We'll notify you as soon as we get to your spot.